Windward boat by the lee

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I posted a while ago about the same topic but I don't think I explained myself that well (not surprising..) and I have had another dispute at my club about it. For clarification, is boat A or B the windward boat and can the force the other boat further by the lee, can the force them to go so far they gybe?



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The definition if windward is defined in the RRS (page 7 from[13376].pdf) so in this case boat B is the windward boat. and is required to keep clear of A although the actions of A may be limited depending on how the overlap was established.

Leeward and Windward A boat’s leeward side is the side that is or, when she is head to wind, was away from the wind. However, when sailing by the lee or directly downwind, her leeward side is the side on which her mainsail lies. The other side is her windward side. When two boats on the same tack overlap, the one on the leeward side of the other is the leeward boat. The other is the windward boat.