Windvane placement

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Hi all,

I just purchased a kingfisher 200 wind vane and was wondering if anyone has any experience with this windvane and where the best placement would be on the upper boom. Seeing that the upper boom will be angled and not perpendicular with the horizon, will this have any affect on the vanes performance or accuracy or can the vane be adjusted so that it is parallel to the horizon?

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Upside down?
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I have one of those as well. In practice, the vane doesn't have to be parallel to the horizon (I left mine as it came out of the box). But you can bend the metal rod, if that issue is important to you.

I have my vane mounted about 40" from the bottom of the spar. You want it to be in a location so that you don't have to strain your neck. You can play with the location until you find your optimal setting.
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This is an awesome windvane. I just used it today an it really helps when the winds are 7kts or less. I had it place about 4 ft up on the upper spar and was amazed at its accuracy. For the most part of my sail today I would say the wind was 5kts and it really helped me stay out of Irons. In general it was invaluable in helping me, a novice sailor, in visualizing where the winds were, and especially with as variable as they were.