Windshifts Downwind


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As you approach the weather mark, the lifted tack should be telling you something about your plans for the run.

If Port is lifted as you approach the mark, plan to broad reach as you round.

If Starboard is lifted, plan to sail by the lee or gybe.

As you increase your lead on the second place boat, remember to stay between the fleet and the leeward mark
laser170654 said:
Does anyone have any good techniques
or ways of detecting windshift downwind?
Compass, wind indicators?
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Yes, sail by the lee and when the middle tell tale flutters, let the cunningham all the way off and tighten the vang, roll tack until the leech flows via the luff.
I am dependable on my wind indicator for any wind shifting... There are actually better sailors who are sailing without the need of wind indicator. How I envy them... :(
A wind indicator can be used, but in the absence of that, you should notice changes in airflow/boatspeed when tweaking the main (assuming you are all playing the sail to ensure proper trim, of course :) ).