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I just received a new Windex 10 Sport windvane for my birthday. The installation seems very simple, however the instructions don't mention how to determine which angle to set the tacking tabs. All the instructions say is: "Set the tacking tabs at an angle between 45 and 65 degrees." I'm assuming the angle corresponds with how well the boat points/sails to apparent wind, but how do I determine the correct angle for a Capri 14.2? Or does it even matter?
Happy Birthday !

Install your Windex and go sail her , use the tabs as points of reference , then adjust for your next outing .

I don't have a Windex on my C14.2 , I prefer telltales on the shrouds and sails , they give me information, with a lot less neck craning , I have an old neck :)

A tell tale on the shroud is in my line of sight so I can focus on my heading and react to shifts quicker.

the Windex is nice for downwind runs .

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Sailing on Shelter Bay
Wind indicators

I use a Bergee wind indicator which is like a flag. The odd thing is that too often I find I have to sail with what the sails are doing because the indicator isn't reporting what is happening. That seems very odd, but in light fluky winds it seems true sometimes. Using tape from an old music tape cassette on the shrouds has worked for me in the past too. A thread of yarn on the backstay works well for downwind...oops! we don't have backstays. If we did we could rig spinnakers.
One more thing: It is just an "indicator" and how high you can point, or how high you should point, depends on wind and sea state and sail shape. It is a common mistake to look just at the windex and ignore other important factors.