Wind indicators-good or bad?

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Just wondering on your opinions re: clip on wind indicators.
Are they a good idea?
Do you use one?
Should I have one while learning to race or will it just confuse things?
All advice gratefully received.
Absolutely a good idea. In fact, you might find that it helps you're driving more the telltales.

Strongly recommend the C-Vane (and not just because I'm friends with the owner). It really is the best one on the market.

Some folks prefer the masthead "flag", but I don't. Kinda hard on the neck and takes vision away from the oncoming waves for too long.

Ross B

I won't sail without one! I perfer the Black Hawk, or what ever it's called. I tried the C-Vane, it was good, but bloody expensive, and after loosing 3 or 4 vanes and having to replace the whole thing
I used to use a Kingfisher Wind indicator. After about 3 wore out (the tail broke off from being in my gear bag) and after a new one was ripped off my mast at the starting line I've decided to go without. Every now and then I think I need to buy a new one.

Rob B

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I don't, but I think it's personal preference. If I did I'd go w/the C-Vane. I like the design and it seems to be the least likely one to get caught on things.
I had the laser one and at my frostbite series, my friend got his mainsheet wrapped around it, and it went for a swim. I never bothered to replace it. Id rather keep my attention on my competition.
This was my first year racing and many times I found myself losings positions on the upwind legs. I added a windvane midseason (Kingfisher I believe)and found it helped me be more consistant on those upwind legs
About now 4 years, I use the "Surf Pilot". It has a clamp to be attached to the lower mastsection (area:~ under the gooseneck). I fix it with an additional line to the mast, if suddenly the Surf-Pilot falls off from the mast. To adjust the sail better to the wind / the course that I sail, I use telltales. That works really nice. Additional to that, in future I plan to use longer telltales at the leech of the sail (for downwind courses).

I really like the Davis Black Max wind indicator and I clip it at the front of the mast on the opposite side of the boom. Theyre helpful pieces of equipment, but its easy to lose them. Due to losing so many of them i started twisting the metal bar that the indicator sits on so as to make a loop. then i just take little piece of line and tie it to the mast so It wont drop into the water if someone knocks it off.