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Will my hull dry out?


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I just purchased a 1995 Capri. Sadly it's been kept in the water for most of its life, but at least the owner religously kept up with the bottom paint. I now plan to have the bottom paint removed and have the boat live on dry land for the rest of its days. But will the water it has likely taken on over the years eventually dry out?

Also, just how much of a performance hit am I looking at?

Finally, if the centerboard Capri is approx 340 pounds from the factory, does anyone have a guess what perctenage the weight has increased by due to water weight?

Jack McCollum

New Member
Since your boat is fiberglass I doubt that it has absorbed much water.

If anything you might have some water in the cuddy and that can be removed. Also open your drain plug at the back while up on dry land.