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Why I like working with paint instead of gelcoat...

Cactus Cowboy

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Saw this ad on San Diego C/L today, and it reminded me of why I like working with paint... pretty cool topside paint job on this 'Fish, and I like how the sail colors match, LOL. :rolleyes:


I also noticed this ad for a 505, not a bad price considering whatcha get with it, and of course these C/L prices are all negotiable... ;)


Note: I am NOT the seller for either one of these boats, I just like to post such ads in case anybody near Dago wants to bag a sweet boat, aye? CHEERS!!! :cool:

Edit: And yes, that flag could be done with gelcoat in various pigments, but it'd be a monumental PITA and it would cost more to boot, LOL... :confused:
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Cactus Cowboy

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On closer inspection, it looks like adhesive sail repair material was used for the stars, you can see where a corner or point of one star has peeled off... that's why you always round corners, the adhesive material will stick better and is less likely to curl. Still, a creative topside job, no doubt about it... just don't let any Antifa kooks near the boat, they'll probably try to destroy it. :cool: