Why have an association 2

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I think it's pretty telling that the laser association should post definitive and great instructions for fixing a leaky mast step, and finding the age of your boat from the serial number on the transom...

I think it's a statement to the boat (the class?) that this forum gets 2-3 posts a week about leaky mast steps and deciphering serial numbers... Sure, this may seem all a bit cheeky, but you have to admit that fixing the mast step in a laser is a PITA, which wouldnt be necessary if they didnt break (too late), and I think there are certyain conclusions that can be drawn from the fact that so many people repair them. First, that it's a great boat that people love to sail, and second that new boats and parts are too expensive.

I pay my association dues, yet dont go to regattas.... I cant see that the association is doing anything for me, really... the *should* be making it reasonably inexpensive for me to keep my boat legal, and in this regard, I believe the class is failing.