Why did you choose sailing over a Powerboat?

Rob B

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I do both. Actually I only race when sailing. It's too much work. If I'm on a pleasure cruise it's under power. That way I hardly ever have to put my beer down.
If sailing in Croatia is not on your wish list, then it should be - and here is why. The Sailing is Sublime You have heard us say it all before. This doesn’t make it less true.

Ghost Rider

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Sailing = free power, powerboating = $$$ spent at the fuel dock or service station. A no-brainer for this notoriously cheap b@stard... "YEAH, I'LL TAKE FREE POWER FOR ZERO DOLLARS, ALEX!!!" :rolleyes:
If you want to fish and relax on the water, then the powerboat is the right choice for you. If you feel a sense of pride in navigating the water and weather with your own bare hands, then a sailboat will be more your style. Recently I have recently purchased a brand new Princess 55 Flybridge from Princess Yachts UK. But due to the seller, I can admire or benefits of sailing. My story is here Buying a Brand New Princess 55: Welcome Folks! .
Anyone can driver motorboat, that is not a big idea. To sail you should think, feel wind and water. Of course oil cost and wind is for free :)
True, my friend. Driving a small motorboat and driving a small sailing boat, like the Azuree 40, are completely different things. And one more thing - driving a motorboat is really boring.