Why did you choose sailing over a Powerboat?

When was the last regatta you saw for power boats. :p
I love my sunfish i love sailing everyday.
In school i doodle starts and different tactics.
Without sailing my life would be allot more boring.
I own both, but I sail 99% of the time

Sailing and especially racing are always fresh, new and exciting, it never gets old

a motor boat can be fun but, cruising around in a motorboat is not that exciting after a while and it costs a f*******$&&#**&&*#(((#*&&#******** fortune for a day on the water

The feel good you get from sailing is long lasting
I spent a winter rebuilding a jet ski and once on the water got bored within an hour. Then I got an old Laser and don't think I'll touch the PWC again. Sail and paddle power are the only things allowed on the lakes closest to me.
That's actually a question about motor sports in general. Dirtbike vs. mountain bike, car/truck/motorcycle vs. bike/run/walk/backpack, snowmobile vs. XC skiing, etc. Motor sports always seem like cheating to me. And I've never been turned on by speed unless I'm responsible for the speed. (Fastest speed on a touring bicycle was 54mph - now *that* was fast!) I get to go fast in my car all the time - so what? My family just did a 9-day trip backpacking Isle Royale. I remember most of every backpacking/bike touring trip I've ever done, but motor touring is mostly forgettable.

Besides, I expect gas to get ***much*** more expensive, but wind is always free.
I've always had family and friends with power boats of all types. It's good to get from point A, to point B. Hell, I'm hurling the whole ride while deep sea fishing. But had no problem ocean racing on a forty footer. Sailing has always been a journey. It's like surfing, it's that whole connecting to mother nature thing-
Sailboats don't smell like half-burned fuel and I don't have to complain about how much I spent on gas at the end of a fun weekend.
Depends on the use. In general, motorboats are cheating, but there are occasions when you have to go over to the dark side. When I used to Scuba dive, motorboats were pretty much mandatory. Same for Race Committee and rescue boats. For all other things, I use sailboats.
Have done both, have an old 27' power cruiser, a canoe, and we are looking to buy a used fish for my daughters who sail in their HS sailing club. Had a Minifish more that 30 years, and 50 lbs ago, which was a blast to sail, and have sailed Sunfish occasionally since. Different experiences, both fun, both o.k.
I guess because I was born doing it and enjoy it more.

That's not to say I don't enjoy things like blasting around the lake, fishing or duck hunting from a power boat.
i am curious as to why everyone chose owning a sailboat over a powerboat. they both have there ups and downs but what were your main reasons for your decesion?

I must start by saying that the thrill and excitement of each time I ask my crew if they are ready to tack grants me such excitement as a kid in a candy store especially to a young new crew not ready for such a flip... sailing is better by means of hands on and survival.
Any idiot can turn a key and turn left and right, but a true sailor can create his own direction after the "fuel" has run out with even the slightest wind. If your sail fails, grab some string and sew. If your engine fails you'd better hope you're a mechanic with tons of spare parts on board... either way you put it, it's all based on the individual person, I can sail and love too because of my ideals and training to do so. Some may enjoy power to go faster, but skipping forward on the top of the water is not what I enjoy, I love the lean of the wind and the overflow of water spilling over the edges onto my feet that reminds of how every drop of water on my toes is there specifically because I wanted it there!!!
I enjoy the challenge of making use of wind and waves to get across the lake. It is something my wife and I enjoy doing together.
I enjoy the challenge of making use of wind and waves to get across the lake. It is something my wife and I enjoy doing together.