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whos using what for gps tracking apps?

joe c

Was looking at the watches but curious what apps there are for your phone. Im guessing the benefit to the watch is its on your wrist. Waterproof. 2 thing my phone is not. But since they use your phone as a link you still need it on the boat. So starting just looking at apps. Id like distance top speed and average speed and the little tracker on the map. So whos using what? Im still back and forth between the watch and not. So just looking for info.



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I use my apple watch for that. I found an app called Waterspeed that runs on the app independently from my phone, and the phone app sync's with it and you can get Distance, average speed, max speed, as well as a map overlay.


Upside down?
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raceQs will run on an iPhone; not sure though whether its features are what you are looking for. Also not sure whether it is still being updated, but my old (free) version seems to be running fine.


joe c

Just bought a new single speed, havnt ridden for 25 years, and everyone was like very strava. Turns out it works nicely for sailing. The basic app is free which is what im using..Screenshot_20220511-081229_Strava.jpg