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Ok, sorry about that this is my first time using kodak gallery to post on a forum. Hopefully it will work this time.

It works now, but it's very tiny. I'm not sure about the mistake. Does he turn the rudder and so drive the boat in? He certainly doesn't make any effort to counterbalance as he goes down.
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It is a bit small, but i take it that when he was on run he tried to sail by lead and the leach passed a certain point and then a gust came and fliped him. OR he was tring to gybe and let main out too far then the gust got him and death roll, scary stuff :eek:

Rob B

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Look at the avatar for oniondip. That is the proper way to sit in the boat when going downwind in breeze. The photos however show a guy who is hiked out in breeze down wind. What happens is his ass hits the water and the momentum or sudden slow down causes the boat to roll to weather. At this point several things can happen. 1) you are real quick with the tiller and drive the boat into a reach before the steering goes away. This will lift you out of the water and keep you from going over to weather, but you gotta recognize what is happening and do this quick! 2) You get washed out of the boat and it capsizes to leeward as it sails away sans your body in it. 3) You are able to get your body back in the boat and overtrim the sail to stop the role, (this one is not likely as the force of the water will prevent you from getting back in). 4) as the pictures indicate, you sit there with a stupid look on your face as you and your fat, dragging ass pull your boat over on top of you. This is the most common occurence.


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I agree with Rob, mostly. The guy was leaning the boat to windward on a screaming reach or run. That's tricky. When he teabagged, the sudden resistance caused the capsize.

Can't rule out that a windshift played a part as well, as onion dip has suggested; perhaps a combination of both...

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no no no ....... that is steve cockeril demonstrating a poor technique and u sirs are all regulars at the wrong maneuver. if u drive the boat onto a reach at that point the angle the hull is at will cause the rudder to bury the transom moving the centre of effort further back nd in fact exccentuating the roll. what u want to do is turn into the roll ..... so further down wind which stops the roll then straiten up and PULL THE SAIL IN at the same time..... its rolling because the leach is going in front of the mast.... tsch
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Thats pretty much what i said. The leach passed 90 degrees to that side, and then a he was on the side of the boat that would have a teandency to dip because the sail was so far out by this point.

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It did not help that his but was dragging in the water. That left him no recovery options. However, I guess he was trying to prove a point and without audio or explanation of the pictures it looks like he just sailed too low to be hiked out like he was.