Who Out There Has an AMF Flying Fish?

I just picked up a 1982 Flying Fish I a few weeks ago. It had been sitting on the other side of the Chesapeake in VA for about 10 years. So far I've replaced every rope on her and about 70% of the rivets. Getting ready to do the last remaining rivet this week. Unfortunately the rivets holding the jib pulley tracks down had to be replaced. I ended up cutting 6" holes in each side of the cockpit and putting in access ports with water proof bags, so I made the best of it.

I have 2 questions. Has anyone found a cheap way to put new rollers on the reefing claw? And does anyone have a diagram of the rigging for the hiking handles?

I've had her out once with no wind, but still loved it. I am a fan of light wind sailing's challenges. I will say I'm looking forward to more wind once I have the rest of the rivets replaced.