Who Killed My Favorite Regatta??


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Got your attention, huh??

The answer is you and your friends. You need to post your favorite 2006 regatta on the Laser.org website or nobody will know about it.

If you thought somebody else was going to do it, you thought wrong. Only two guys have posted anything for 2006. Two guys? There are thousands of us, hundreds of regattas already in the works, and so far only two guys have managed to post invitations.

All the rest of you must have thought somebody else wound do it for you.

Nobody will!!!

You may think it is still early and you still have time but you are not thinking well. Every once in a while somebody goes to look at the 2006 regattas on the www.laser.org website and guess what? They are not reading about your regatta!

Which person who visits that site as a result of reading this note will miss your posting and not come to your event next year?

it is never too early to put an announcement about your regatta on line.

The first time somebody goes to look and misses your posting.. YOU BLEW IT!! You missed A LIFE OF FUN WITH your favorite friend in the whole world because that favorite friend didn't ever meet you.

Get off your butt and post something about your 2006 events this weekend!!!


Quit reading already and get the job done!!

No excuses! Pick up te phone and call the person who usuallyt hosts the event and ask for permission to serve as contact.

If I had the power to make rules??
Don't post a reply to this message until you have posted your regatta on the website. No exceptions!!