Who has complete auto bailers in stock?

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Does anybody know a vendor that has the sunfish auto bailers in stock rather than waiting for LP to drop ship one?
Has anybody tried to retrofit a Laser "Practice" auto bailer into a sunfish?
Try a few dealers in your area to see if they have one in stock. Also try Annapolis Performance Sailing (APSLtd.com). The Laser bailer will not work in a Sunfish.

Alan Glos
Cazemnovia, NY
Sunfish Direct has plenty of them in stock. I was having difficulty finding one and called them they said the have over 80 or each bailer in stock.


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Sunfish Direct has the bailer housing (only) for $15. Seems like a bargain at that price. :eek:
Sunfish, Sunfish Bailer Housing w/Ball, 91029

Now that I've got De Persia (metal) bailers for my two most-used Sunfish, think I'll replace the remaining bailer shell on the third Sunfish--the 'Fish I'm most likely to sell.
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