Whiten yellow deck

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Hey, new here, I've got an old laser where the deck is getting more and more yellow each year. I don't really want to paint it, firstly because I doubt I would pull it off good enough and secondly because of shallowing the grid (deck pattern or what it's called). Makes it slippery too.

I found this video demonstrating how he whitened/restored plastic (don't know the type) with a simple method... I wonder if this works on fiberglass, and on a textured area such as the deck.

The video:

What do you guys think, would this work or does it need paint?


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Hejsan Löfstrand :D

How old is your boat, what's the sail/hull number? I mean, the colours have changed several times during the years, and a pre-1982-ish Laser is supposed to have an off-white, "ivory" deck. Even if it's gone even more yellow with time, you can't make it whiter than the original pigment.

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Hej!! :)
It's from '78 I think, a really old one. But the hull is in decent condition.

Yes I thought so, it's so yellow that it just cannot have been white when new.