whisker pole length

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i need to know the lenght of the factory whisker pole so i can eith make one or order one. Mine fell off the mast mount in rough waer and is now in the bottom of hefner. I was hoping just to get a telescoping one from west marine. Is out pole shorter then 8 ft?
Hmmm.... I'd like to know too. When I bought mine, it did not come with one. Does anyone have a pic how to attach on the mast? Thanks.

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well, on mine, there is a black plactic loop type thing one end snapes into, and then it restv ertically up the mast and clips into a c clip to hold it vertically

Ed Jones

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Whisker pole

The whisker pole length should be 7' 8", eye to eye. (BTW, longer is not better.) The inboard end attaches to a plastic ring fitting on the front of the mast, 3' up from the deck. The outboard end attaches to the jib clew. I use a stainless ring, about 2" in dia, slipped inside the jib sheet knot where it attches to the clew.
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i was jusr going to use an adjustable length one. Can i use the type you stab through the clew, or do i need the one with clasps on each end