Whisker Pole Height

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Reading through the threads and posts here I see the Padeye height to be 3 feet from the Deck.

Is this measured from the area at the mast step or the deck itself ( a good inch and a half difference from behind and in front of the splash rail on my Mod 1 )

Fairwinds and good sailing, Rob
I just purchased a 14.2 and was told that the whisker pole is not very worthwhile... any opinions about this? Since there is no rigging in place for a spinnaker, how exactly is the whisker pole going to help the jib?

Newbie here so there are no dumb answers...

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Whisker poles are the next best thing to flying a kite. You can literally feel and hear the difference when using one.

For racing they're a must, for playing around and chasing down your buddies they're just plain 'ol fun.

I sail at Huntington and Millerton Lakes and both lakes can be 'breezy'. Downwind the jib will just want to clam up, the pole helps keep the foot of the sail flat and present all of the jibs sail area to the wind. Much easier to keep wing 'n wing.

Try it, you'll like it!

Fairwinds and good sailing , Rob
Whisker pole is a great item. Going downwind the boat can sail faster and deeper with the whisker in use. If you're racing it is a must for going downwind..
Thanks for the comments... I'll check into one after I get the boat in the water in a week or so... Dealer and others I have spoken to negated its usefullness.

Jon Frost
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