Which upgrade is better?

Which upgrade is better?

  • Keep the old vang, but add new deck cleats, cunny, and outhaul

    Votes: 1 1.9%
  • Keep old outhaul (thimbled, 3:1), keep old cunny, buy new vang system

    Votes: 4 7.4%
  • Add some blocks to the old outhaul and cunny, and buy a new vang system

    Votes: 23 42.6%
  • Add blocks to the old vang and buy the new outhaul/cunny system with deck cleats

    Votes: 26 48.1%

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mmm, i only need 2 extra pulleys to take it from 3:1 to 12:1, its called a double cascade, saw it in one of the ronstan catalouges, but it was 16:1 cause they used a 4:1 on a double cascade.
this is the closest legally you can get to 15:1 with only 2 added pulleys onto the old system.
iain_CAN165061 said:
if anyone wants the best way and cheapest, please email me, its hard to explane so il have to show pictures.
You can post photos in a message here. Look in the "Additional Options" section below the text area for "Manage Attachments". I'd love to see how you arranged things. Is there enough throw in the double cascade to allow full-off for by-the-lee downwind and block-to-block upwind?


Geoff S.
hey, sorry about the past post, i did hav an excellent idea for the upgrades, but it would be illeagal, which isnt good, but it was just as good, if not better then the proformance upgrades; neways, the only thing i can think of is to replace those thimbles with blocks, and put a block at the goosneck instead of goign around hte mast. also, my question:
-is there ne one who likes the home-made jobs better then the proformance upgrades?.... as in, if you had a million dollars for your laser, would you get an upgrade? or do you not like the idea.

c ya
Go for the full up grade ASAP. Even as a heavy weight Laser Sailor 105 KG the convience of the new controls in high winds is a must. Your outhaul is impossible to adjust with the old rig once you've rounded the windward mark. I have been sailing Lasers since 1981 and can recall the odd leg of a race that my controls were not optimized and the ocassional capsize trying to adjust the vang. I can recall many times that my competitors did the same. With the new system these issues are gone. It took 30+ years to get the new controls, use them! In the big fleets you need to focus on traffic and strategy when rounding the windward mark, not mico adjustments to your contorls.

In all these years I have bent one boom, one upper mast and have replaced my lower section...For the guy going through booms and upper masts, you are over powered, drop down to a radial. The vang and cunningham purchase used today is extremely powerfull and needs to be appied with with caution. I am starting to depower at 20-25 Knots at my weight. In monster winds this boat needs 85-100kg to sail fast. If you have a radial rig, use it.
I´ve only upgraded outhaul and cunni. The question wether or not to buy the new vang system gave me some sleepless nights. But having an pretty old boat made the choice easy. I went for the modifying option "roosterstylie". Two HK404 and a Ronstan Swivel (Ball beared) are creating enough purchase and adjustability for a guy weighing 90 kg (198 lbs). BTW: less purchase means also less tangling lines in the cockpit. I feel already quite bad with the "webbings" around my feet and i dont want them to get bigger.

Some of the top Lasersailors of the world are not using the new vang system. Even Mr. Scheidt won Gold in Athens with an modified old one. But that is the only thing we have in common when it comes to Lasersailing. Sadly enough ... ;) .