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I’m looking to purchase a spare mainsheet & halyard to keep in my tow vehicle, just in case I need one while I’m out in the fish. Being a newbie I do not have a clue on where to start with the vast selection of lines on the APS site. There are: high tech single braids, vectran corded double braids, paraloc interlocking braids, and on and on – not to mention the various diameters. They have a Sunfish ‘line package’, but the package has more lines in it than I know what to do with. I just want to buy the proper halyard and mainsheet (I’m also purchasing the Ronstan RF62100 block).

Need advice on specific halyard & mainsheet I should purchase. Thanks much.
First of all, I am a Sunfish newbie as of this April so take my Sunfish rope comments with a grain of salt.

I replaced my main sheet because the one that came with the Sunfish was old and frayed and way too short, and I too use a ratchet block - the Harkin 57 Carbo Ratchamatic.

I replaced the main sheet with a 32 foot 7 mm Rooster rope. First day I sailed in heavy winds I swore I would replace that 7 mm and I did with a 9 mm Rooster rope. I just can't hang on to the 7mm in heavy winds as well as the 9 mm. So for light wind days I use the 7 mm and for heavy wind days I use the 9mm.

For the halyard I use the 3/16" Excel Racing rope.

All came from Annapolis Performance Sailing. I didn't buy the racing rope kit. I ordered the ropes seperately.