Which Mainsheet Block?? Orbit? Carbo?

you can either use the Ronstan supplied eye (you have to work it a bit to match up the hole spacing) or you need to remove the edges on the OEM Laser eye strap until have nice rounded radius on top and bottom almost right down to the screwholes. I also wrapped mine with some reinforced packing tape.
Normally when stuff breaks after just a year, I just blow it off and buy another.

But with a newly introduced product like this, you might want to go the extra step of sending the broken ones off to Ronstan so they can figure out what's up and make improvements. If the thing isn't up to the job, they should get a fair crack at fixing it.
Ronstan was/is aware of the design issues with the ratchet mechanism. They have already changed a spring inside which should address the type of failure I saw, and they will be changing the switch design later this year so it's less prone to accidentally changing modes.
Not a big fan of auto mode. When I round the leeward mark, the block will let out, and ratchet in. I want it to not let out, and ratchet in. That little stopper is pretty cool though...
I have not had the Ronstan block freewheel when sheeting in at leeward marks. If you are pulling fast enough, that's more then enough load to keep the ratchet engaged.
Exactly. Why even buy a ratchet block? Think of all the money you can save by just installing a plain ball bearing block! It's like 1975 all over again!

Anybody have an answer for the original question to help out sk8ing?
Dang! Mine failed last night and now is permanently in "manual ratchet mode" all the time.

In reply to sk8ing sailor above; I expect to send the broken one in under warranty and get a replacement, though I'll probably buy a new one in order to have a block while waiting for the replacement.
On the rope strop wear issue with the Orbit block you do need to heed the Ronstan instructions about avoiding sharp edges - which is difficult to do with the sheet metal deadeye. To overcome this, PSA issue the attached sheet with every boat supplied with this block. It shows the use of a small bow shackle between the strop and the deadeye.