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Which is your favorite sunset and where?


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Hello! I had an idea about a thread with our favorite sunsets, my favorite or one of my favorites is at early April at Alimos marina. Check it out below.. I am waiting for yours!



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I love looking back at my old photographs from my days in the Coast Guard. This is taken from a USCG 378' cutter. I'm stuck sailing in a bay now, and I miss the space and scenery of the open sea. Sunsets in the middle of the Pacific are always good.

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This is by no means my FAVORITE sunset, just a few pics of the sunset this evening through the tall pines... still had clouds in the sky from the storm which passed through yesterday.


Plus some bonus shots of last night's dinner... well, the first plate anyway, LOL. Chuck made some bad@$$ pork chops, and those taters were awesome as well, while I threw together the salad and monitored the garlic bread while pounding beers, AYE??? Don't reckon we're gonna starve anytime soon here at the ol' hacienda, LOL.


Alright, you nautical heroes, time for this kid to mack some leftovers, I'm thinking big ol' chili dawgs with diced jalapeno & onion on top, maybe some shredded cheese... I know I still have a few BBQd Angus dawgs in the fridge, time to rack up some solid indigestion before calling it a night. Bust out the Pepto!!! LOL... WTF, we partied pretty hard last night, tonight I'm gonna go easy and get some rest, 10-4?
Woow i have visited many places but recently i have just visited to Goa a perfect place for Sunset and sunrise awesome and cool on beachesgoa1.jpg