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Where to support a Laser 2 hull on a dolly?

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I'm constructing a dolly for my newly acquired 80's Laser 2. I want to be able to able to launch and winch it back up single-handed on a beach of small stones, so I'm making the dolly with 4 wheelbarrow type wheels. I know that part will work, and I can get the dolly in and out of the water, although maybe not too deep.
I was going to hang it from two 2" straps, but it's hard to push it off if it's not fully floating. So I found more cheap inflatable wheels and thought I'd use them at least at the stern so I can lift the bow slightly and roll it off. I think I'll still mount the straps to support it most of the time to distribute the weight.
I think the inflatable tires might be better than rubber rollers, which to my eye concentrate a lot of weight in a small area, and would deform the hull. If I deflate the tires, it spreads the stress out, but still causes a slight deformation when mounted about 18" off centre, as shown in the photo I hope to upload. The pic is NOT of the dolly design, just a test of the support concept using a jig on my brother's trailer. The starboard tire is deflated.IMG_9354.jpg
So my question is, does anyone know where is the best place to support a Laser 2 hull, relative to the centre? Maybe out closer to the edge, where it's starting to be more vertical? Or right at the centre line - maybe it's reinforced there?
Or am I being too fussy - maybe deforming the hull temporarily is no big deal?
Thanks for any comments and suggestions.


The Laser 2 Uk site has these pictures of an open hull. These are the best I've found and not that good but they may help. Lots of good info on sailing them as well.

Laser 2 in construction

Our club L2 is supported on the centre line on one roller seems to be fine after several years.