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Where to place inspection port


I have a very nice Sunfish circa 1976. I need to install a hiking strap and the only way to mount is to have an inspection port either behind the coming or inside the cockpit on the bulkhead where you'd affix the hiking strap.

I'd like some advice here... where is the best place to install a 5" port where it will maintain the best structural soundness or does it matter?


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Disclaimer: I've not installed hiking straps. :confused:

I liked Mixmkr's cockpit bulkhead mounting so much, I installed the larger "Ultimate Inspection Port" in the bulkhead as well. Plastic, but quite strong in itself, the "Ultimate Inspection Port" actually stiffens the bulkhead!

Opening it up, you can watch the "floor" flex with the waves! :eek: (And see—for the first time—a Sunfish bilge). ;)

The only thing I'd missed :oops: is that the port should have been wider (or offset) to accommodate a paddle or (less feasible) the daggerboard. But soon, the paddle will be trimmed to fit. :cool:

Sensitive to appearance, someone here can be expected to chime-in with their "rivet nut" experience. :)



if you don't need the port to access the mast tube or halyard cleat, I'd put it on the cockpit wall.
here's mine (shown with my drying fan), but the port on the front wall, gave easy access for me to replace my hiking strap.