Question Where to get mast mounts for trailer


I don’t like the way that my mast is currently mounted. It extends too far into my lawn unless I push it way forward to the front of the tongue. I would like to mount it more forward and have it raised up on a mask cradle at the front of the trailer. Where can I buy parts to add to the trailer to support the mast in the front and where would I mount it with the amount of space on the trailer tongue?

On the stern, I have put something together to make it up high, but head is pretty junky looking and I’m not sure how long it will last.

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Looks like your trailer has a fairly short tongue. On a similar trailer I have mounted a treated 4x4 (or two sistered 2x4s) to the angled vertical trailer post which the roller bumper is attached to. The foot of the post was trimmed to fit between the small upright support brackets and rested on trailer tongue. The post was attached to the angled vertical post with three large stainless hose clamps but could be through bolted for extra security. Then I cut the top of the post on an angle at a proper support point, added two short 5/4 boards to the outside of the post to create a "slot" for the mast to sit in. Hope this makes some sense, it worked well on a 22 footer and also on another 14 footer since the mast is relatively light weight.