Where to buy solid rope

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Hey all!
I'm a proud owner of #9 mod1.
I purchased it last year from a friend who garaged it since he purchased it. It never got sailed.
Sailing is new to me so I don't know all the terms, but I've been sailing on this little guy out in the harbors of Santa Barbara and morro bay.

I learned to sail by putting the thing in the water and crossing my fingers :)

So the thing is in great condition except the ropes are getting warn.

Where do you go to get ropes and wire for these puppies?

Rigging for Capri 14.2

Catalina Direct will have all that you need. Check in the "small boats" section. Also, any marine supply place should be able to help. This site has the owners manual that can be down loaded. Check the members list for owners near you. Good luck and good sailing Charley Sheets