Where can I get the Windward Leg?

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Help. I recall that the Windward Leg is no longer being offered in print form. However, where can I access it on-line? I have googled it and all I can get is past editions, 2010 and earlier. I am sure I am missing something simple - not the first time (or the last for that matter.)

Alan Glos
Cazenovia, NY
Alan since the deadline for the "spring" issue is Feb 1, I figure at least about April before we see anything.

On edit: I keep thinking it's 2010 LOL guess we'll just have to wait till someone gets off their butt and scans in the 2010 three issues.
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Thanks. I just want to check the dates for the local regatta schedule, but will try again on/about April 1.

Alan Glos