when to break out new racing sail

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Just curious,

I am older and 195 out of shape pounds. I have a new racing sail that I am considering using at the Midwinters. Would you:

A) Use it

b) Use the old (well used) racing sail and wait to put some miles on the new one

Also. I know there have been some differences with racing sails by different manufacturers in the past with Sunfish. Is there anything currently happening. Like was last year's better then this year or something like that.

I used to have a racing sail with orange tape on the edges and sold it to a guy who really wanted it. I couldn't make it go so I sold it to him. He wasn't any faster.
Use it, practce with it Thursday. you never know how many races you have left in you. Be a shame to check out with a new sail. See you there.DL
Run 5 miles 5 times a week for 10 weeks, do 100 situps a day for 10 weeks, lose 20 lbs... then use your new sail. You'll have earned it and you'll be faaaaaast.
If you think it will improve your results do it. Its always fun to listen to folks that would have done so much better with new rags. I'm a firm believer new sails make up a very small part of the overall game. Think smart and sail fast.
jm .02 cents
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Ouch. Cold. ugh.

So, how many positions will it increase my performance. Using the new sail, that is. Fromm 35 to 32? From 49th to 12th? Or will it just allow me to get to the wrong side of the course faster and further?

I think I'll just sell it. I think I would prefer to preserve the esoteric rationalization that will occur as I down my 2 tylenols with my leftover double mocha latte from Starbucks, before the ride home. And then listin to Led Zeppelin on the CD. Who needs a stinkin IPOD.
I've read somewhere that its not a good idea to use a brand new sail at a big regatta, because the sail needs to be stretched a little bit to have the right shape and to get the folds out from packaging and shipping. I would use your old sail. Don't use anything new that might act a bit different. Use what you know will work. An old sail is not going to hurt you a lot.
I bought a new sail last year. I was told by someone to sail it in 20+ mph winds to stretch it out. I did do that but before my big regatta that I bought it for. During the break in period before I went out with my new sail I would check how much it stretched and adjust the uphaul on the upper spar. When it was new I had to adjust the uphaul before each sail.

So if you use it during mid winters be sure to check that the uphaul is correct each morning. You can't adjust the uphaul out in the water though.
That's odd. The usual recommendation is to take a new sail out a few times in lighter winds (5-15 mph) to break it in gently.


I did sail several times in light winds before I sailed it in the heavier winds but that was just how the winds were. I did have to adjust the uphaul about five times as the sail stretched but it seems to have stopped stretching. When I was told to go out in heavier winds it was after sailing a few hours in light winds. I'm not sure if that was taken into account, I would like to know too.

BTW, I have heard that you should break in a Laser sail in light winds so that it sets or something like that.