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What's with the yellow flags?


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For months, I've been puzzled by the small yellow flags just below the gooseneck on many lasers. Initially, I thought they were protest flags but it seems to me they are more permanently attached...often with duct tape.

Here are two specific examples, using Paul's RYA book. One can be found on page 107 and another is Sail #185050 on page 66.

What is the purpose of these?

Thanks in advance!


Upside down?
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Large fleets at major regattas often get split into smaller ones of about 50 boats or so. The flag indicates the fleet that you are in and is supposed to prevent confusion if one fleet catches up with another one.

At Master's regattas colored tape may may be used to show which group you are in (Apprentice, Master, Grandmaster or Great Grand Master).