What's with fattening the mast?


The Vanguard part # is 79513, Grove pin (pkg 10) which corresponds to APS’s part number. I have used both the pins and pop rivets and prefer the pins. Not that they hold any better, but that you just do not see them without a close look. Pop rivets look ugly but are much more accessible (local hardware/big box store) and require a special tool to install. And you need to wrap the bottom end with tape over the rivets to protect the mast well. With both, you need a drill for the pilot hole, but just need a hammer (or rock, piece of metal, etc.) to drive the pin flush with the surface of the mast. If you have fat fingers (like me), maybe a pair of needle nose pliers (or piece of cardboard) to hold the pin until you get it started. I have always used just two of either (one on each side, 180 degrees apart), a little 3M Marine Silicon to help seal the joint, and have yet to have a cap come off and yes, I do sail when others wont because of higher winds (over 20) and waves with whitecaps. The most fun, but tiring and you “gotta know your limits”.
As someone who tops 210#, this is a topic that is dear to my heart.

wrt to the legality. I refer you to the 2005 Sunfish Advisory Council
minutes. These are published in the latest WWL. A working copy of
which is available at: http://www.sunfishclass.org/admin/2005-2007/2005ISCAACANNUALMEETING.doc
see: "...2 foot sleeve ...."

rivets: Subsequent to the Hyannis (2004) Worlds, Vanguard reps.
collected input from competitors during check-in of boats. One
item that many volunteered was water collecting in the mast.
It was identified that the hole in the rivet comprised the leak path. This
was duly noted and acted on. Boats supplied for the 2005 Martinique Worlds
had mast caps affixed with pins. (not rivets).