What's this old-style rudder worth?

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I am upgrading my rudder on my '69 sunfish and now have an extra pre-72 rudder system I'd like to sell. But I have absolutley not idea what it's worth. I've seen parts sold on this forum but don't remember seeing the package deal to see reference. E-bay seems to have what I think are ridiculous prices, anywhere from $200 - $400 for rudder and tiller. Do people really pay that for an old style rudder system? My rudder does have a repair that I will explain when selling so that may effect the price some. I am not looking to gouge anyone, but would like to get a fair price to offset my retrofit investment. ....sure would pick up some points with the wife ;) Adivce on price? where to sell, i.e. forum, craigslist, e-bay?

Put it on E-bay. Give an honest description and you will get what is worth. I sold mine old style rudder assembly for $275, a wooden daggerboard for $80 and an old sail for $90. Good luck.


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There are several factors that affect the value of this old style rudder. Since it can be shipped, location does not affect the value as much. If there is a repair, value drops. This is the early old style version with the plastic bushing for the tiller connection. This lowers the value as it was prone to cracks with excessive tiller loads. The later version with the full bronze head has more value. I'm sure that is what sold for $275. You are also missing the tiller extension. Ones that I have owned similar to yours I would ask $100-$125 for as shown in the photo. Add $10 for tiller extension. The full bronze head style I usually ask $225-$250 for.

From the photo the other thing missing is the cut away "shelf" that the tiller rested on. I see that it has been modified with some sort of pin.

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That may not be the original rudder blade, hence the missing shelf. But you have the hardware there, it is not made anymore whereas tress are still growing :).
If you watch eBay for a while you might notice those expensive rudders relisted....and relisted. I'd list it on Craigslist/ebay with a reserve and here for the prices sailcrafttri mentioned. And post a close up picture of the retaining pin, if that is OEM then that is where your money is!


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speaking of rudders....my wood rudder forgot to move. It doesn't flip up...so I loosened the nuts and bolts..can someone tell me the optimum tension so I don't lose any hardware in good wind? I think it suffered from electrolysis from being in salt but I have sailed it since and never had a problem until someone pointed it out that it didn't "look" right...any advice??