Whats the latest sail numbers?


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Just wondering what the latest sail numbers are in which country.
My new boat arrives next week which is going to be a 189*** something number, but I have heard 19s are already out overseas. Not that it matters in anyway, but I was wondering whats where.


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I would have to imagine a big deal is going to be made over hull # 200,000. If its; been issued without any fan fare I'd be surprised..........Maybe I should send my resume to Vanguard for that newly open PR position.


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I got my 189037
(I think 037...everythings underwater here at the moment due to a freaky 3 day storm so I have only had a quick look)
delivered on friday, yet last week a local laser shop started delivering 190000 boats. I was told that they would not start till August.....Do you think someone was tell me porkys?
Hmm It does'nt bother me except for resale value, I'm sure a 180000 number boat next year will be harder to sell than a 190000 number boat even if my 180000 number boat was brought after 190000 boats were being delivered.
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Better say just for the record, my boat number is 189035. Delivered brand new as of Friday. Its a good boat well set up by the dealer who I would recommend.

Out of interest, if you were to buy a second hand boat, one being the above number the other being a 190000 number and both boats being the same age and condition. Which would would you buy?

Would it bother you about sail numbers??