Whats the best way to fix this...........

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Last Week I took my topper buzz out and when i went for a gybe one of the two main sheet pulleys ripped out of the boom, its was fixed to the boom with an eye strap and two rivets directly between the pulley and the boom and as the eye-strap and the boom are different metals they had corroded the boom and it peeled as the rivets pulled out.

I want to fix it by running a strap around the boom and have a Dee ring on it to hold the pulley.

so the stuff i would like to ask is:

  • how should I fix the strap to the boom ( is a rivet strong enough)
  • how should i connect the Dee ring to the puller to prevent friction between them
  • what should i do with the other puller that has not yet pulled out of the boom
  • is this actually the best way to do it

Thanks for any help you can give me =),

Sounds like the rivet failed so I would use the same eye strap holes and re-rivet it to the boom using the same size stainless steel rivets or the next size up and a marine caulking in holes and and around the eye strap.
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