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I'd love to see the 'What's New' tab follow thru the forums.. so you could click on it from any page. It disappears once you've found your way to read your first new thread on the Laser Forum list, for instance...
I know the back button will get me back, but somewhere along the line I got used to What's New and it sorts out all the read stuff in an instant..
Speed seems to be up a little, but still slow. Still a bargain at the price (c:


Staff member
Sure, I can add that link back in. Just keep in mind, that it will not be forum specific. So the what's new page will be the same no matter what tab you access it from. However, you can customize the What's New tab to hide sections in your user control panel. Keep the feedback coming!


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Outstanding.. and now I notice a significant improvement in speed overall. The site is virtually flying..... (c: