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Whats inside a new laser?


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This boat is from the -70s. Its full of wet plywood. Have LP changed the interior backing plates with something more water-resistant material? What about the support plywood strip under the cockpit?IMG_20211111_113520_edit_1335215680462924.jpg
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I haven't exploded a newer Laser/ILCA (nor an older one for that matter :D ), but I believe all the backing (and the cockpit floor support) is still plywood, and it's most likely because the construction rules mandate that. However, I also understand that the specific pieces have been for a long time much better attached than in your not-later-than-1976 English boat. For example, the pictures I've seen (there must be quite a few on this forum alone) of the rudder fitting piece have shown it shaped and totally molded into the transom. How the different builders have done these things and when is something that surely no one knows.