whats a old style rudder worth?


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I've got a good spare old style rudder from my 67 fish, I will be selling it and need to know it's worth? good condition wood has been refinished, just rudder and hardware, no tiller?
I dabble in used boat parts and if had an old style rudder blade (the spoon shape rather than the current spade shape) with the bronze hardware (but no tiller) I would ask $90 plus the buyer pays for shipping cost. There is a guy in Texas, David Luckenbach at www.sailingtexas.com who often has used Sunfish parts and gear, and the last old style rudder with hardware I saw on his website was priced at $100. Maybe ask $100 and take $90. Your call; they are getting harder and harder to find.

Alan Glos
Cazenovia, NY
that was kind of my thoughts, the rudder is in usable shape all except where the tiller attaches, it should have a nice clean hole drilled through it but, this one is a bit worn around the hole kind of enlarged but still very usable looks like at one point the tiller came loose and nobody tightened it up.

The hardware is worth more than the blade. Unless someone is really desperate for an "original" spoon rudder blade to "restore" an old fish. The newer pointed wood blades are adaptable to old hardware (I've done several) and give much greater performance.