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what you guys think about this deal? (im not afraid of reconstructing and fiberglass fixing)


Hi i got across this craiglist offer:
complete laser broken mast step - $150
Needs mast step repaied .,will Include materials to fix. Also has nice wooden rudder and centerboard with the mast, boom and sail


as the title says i have done my fair amount of fiberglass/wood fixes (some not pretty but functionals:p)
So my question is should i jump for this deal (take into account fixing stuff is like second hobby for me, so scratch labor:D cost) I just dont want to learn " theres not such thing as a free boat" the hard way.

thxs in advance


Well... the mast and daggerboard are worth more than the asking price... so if nothing else its a cheap source of parts.

Find a better hull missing the sail, mast, dagger and rudder cheap.... you got a boat.