What year model?

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This is listed as an "older" sunfish, but has the new rudder and an old style bailer. Does anyone know what year? It is great condition and I will likely buy it (I'll take a look on Tuesday). Comes with trailer and dolly. Looks pristine.



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It's at least a 1972 with the new style rudder. A pic of the deck showing the stripe pattern will seal the deal, as will the hull id molded in the transom.

If it has rear deck stripes it is a 73 or newer. No rear deck stripes it is a 72.
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Boy that looks shiny!! My guess on the new bailers is 75 or 76, but I don't know for sure. My expertise is stripes - my cone is from 1978!
Yes, the boat look (from photos) in great shape. It has a trailer and a dolly too.

That is funny! I never noticed your cone stripes before.
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I picked up the 1975 Sunfish - in mint condition. Original owner; had been kept covered in a garage except for the two weeks of use each summer in Minnesota. Sail showed signs of wear, but otherwise hardly a scratch. Came with a dynamic dolly and trailer for $1050. My wife loves her new boat! The brochure indicated suggested retail of $589 for the "Olympic" model.