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What year is this fish?


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Can anyone tell me what year this fish might be? I only have a photo to go by.
No deck stripes
"Old style" rudder
Bullet halyard cleat
Single drain plug

I'd say late 1960's.

I think it will take seeing the serial number to narrow it further.



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Great job guys! Anything to look out for on these boats? Faulty construction year? Problems, etc.?
Looking back 40 years, the boats then were well constructed.

In retrospect the rudder kick-up mechanism would tend to wear, but back then it was pretty cool and worked better than most. Hulls in those days weighed around 140 lb compared to 120 lb today. The cockpit was a little smaller and didn't have a storage compartment.

These days the care the boat has received over time way out shadows any shortcomings in design. The most major item found in any Sunfish..., probably in any boat, is a neglect to fix small leaks and subsequent waterlogging.