What type of boat is this?

Can't say if I've ever seen one of these but it looks to be some variety of Snark! They used to give these away to Kool smokers back in the day. Rather ironic, don't you think? :D


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What type of boat is this?
Boat Type = Sail (subcategory = beach or board boat) ;)

Make and Model..., I don't recall seeing that sail emblem before.

If you imagine viewing the sail from the other side, the emblem might be symbolic for "Alpha Wave".

Appears to be in the same category with the Snark.

This appears to be a "Super Scamper" (Formix Corporation) or an early "Super Snark" by Kransco. The hulls and rigging are identical. The sail logos or colors can vary, but were (I believe) about 55 SF in area. These were earlier than the Super Snark by Castlecraft (Meyers Boat). The newer Super Snarks have less sail area ;(

They are wet boats and self drain through half inch holes through the ABS cladding and expanded polystyrene core. They usually have cracks in the ABS from UV deterioration. The one in your photo looks in pretty good shape. The sail reminds me of a teed off Peanuts character, but Wayne's horizontal flip guess is a good one.

These boats can be "repaired" with two part epoxy resin, mashed up packing peanuts or "Styrofoam(tm)" beads coated with epoxy resin and lightweight fiberglass cloth were needed. The cloth and the epoxy are on the expensive side, so one has to ask themselves...

I sailed around a mooring field last summer in a salt water coved with my sister and cooled off and had fun. With the 55 SF sail, it goes pretty well. Junky wooden tiller could use a re-design. The one I was sailing was a junker I came by with a lot of foam missing (rodents!) from the mast step area. I jury rigged a mast step to sail it for that one day. If interior New England ever sees 70 degree fine weather again, I can quickly fix it. Cheapy thing, but actually fun. Water swashed in and out and cools me off on hot days. I haven't sailed mine since I got the SF launched. No need to ask why, right?


I had a "Super Scamper" about 30 years ago.
We actually had 6 teenagers on it one time.
The hull was 8 or 10" under but we still made headway.:D
My first one just had the poly on the deck.
After that one broke in half the next one I found was poly covered top and bottom.
Both were dumpster finds.
Still have everything but the hull somewhere.

YMMV, Steve