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What to wear sailing

Went to the fair this year the natural resources department had a free introduction to kayaking. They recommended wearing polyester for boating. I had an old soccer jersey and it worked great! Water just roles off.

Who knew those shirts in the 70s were good for more than making wild prints and looking cool.



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Who knew those shirts in the 70s were good for more than making wild prints and looking cool.
There's poly for "Leisure" . . .

. . . and there's poly for sports.

Poly fiber has been the choice for outdoor wear for 30 or 40 years, but that variety ain't disco. ;)



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If you sail in water less than tropical.........preventing hypothermia , PRICELESS ! and of course totally relevant to the conditions in which you play. Over many years of sea kayaking , surfski paddling and now sailing I have gotten mildly hypothermic a few times , never over the edge but close enough to know how thin the line is and what the consequences are. Not to be judgemental or preachy BUT , not something to trifle with.


this year, I bought a short-sleeved rashguard from Harken - I really like it for days that are warm, but not warm enough to go shirtless. plus, the sun protection (UPF 50+) is really nice.

last year, I bought a shorty wetsuit from Costco (occasionally for $40 on sale!), and I really like that. for cooler days in the summer, or when it will be really windy, or when the water is just a bit to chilly - the shorty wetsuit works GREAT. but on a sunny day, with no water splashing up on me, it can get a bit too hot. still a great deal, though. (I ended up buying the women's version for my wife this summer - she likes it, but found it fit a bit tight at the neckline for her...)

oh, I also wear water sandals - I like my Keen Newport H2 sandals from REI.

these worked great (pre-hiking strap) for hooking my toes under the other edge of the cockpit to hike out.

otherwise, it's just a swimsuit and a life jacket!



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I'll be going next weekend and the nightly temps have been getting down to 50° at night, almost 70° mid afternoon.

I bought a shorty like the one above. I tried it out a couple weeks ago and it is hot when the sun lays on it, but cools off if you're wet and in the shade. Lake water temps should be in the 60's so should be okay. I normally wear shorts and sometimes a shirt, and always a pfd.


Jaunty cap? Will this hat do? LOL. But after having skin cancer cut off me 4 times (face twice, arm and back) I take no chances. Hence the long sleeves, I don't care what the temp is, been like this in 95+. And yes, that's tech fabric, I love it.

Cheers, Winever.