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What to wear in Maryland; fall and spring sailing


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I am a casual sailor in Maryland. Not involved in a fleet, etc. Just bought my 3rd laser (first was when I was 15)... I want to extend the time I can sail as far as possible in spring and fall, and just confused by all the options. What has worked for you? Sorry of this is a rehash.

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spray top keeps my core & arms warm and mostly dry good for the early spring then later into the fall. Use for sailing sunfish and catamarans on barnegat bay NJ.


Upside down?
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In the fall I use a wet suit prior to moving into my dry suit for frostbiting (Dec through Mar).
In the spring, the other way around until I can survive my frequent capsizes without 'extra' protection


Where in MD? We sail Lasers all year on the Potomac. A Drysuit and a base layer can get you through the winter, but starts to get a bit warm as the temp hits 50'sh. After that a wetsuit should get you through to the warm weather hits