What to look for in a used Capri 14.2

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I will be taking a long drive to see an 88 "mod1" this weekend, and probably need to decide on the spot, because I don't want to drive back again. Any suggestions on what to inspect for before I buy. Does $900 seem reasonable for a 1988 without trailer?

Ray, there is a nice 14.2 in the storage yard next to the Ventura launch ramp, it is not for sale but I have not seen it move in almost two years. We can check it out on Saturday, maybe you can contact the owner somehow and make him an offer. I paid $1225.00 for my boat with the trailer and really did not need to do anything to it. But I did replace all the standing and running rigging as well as add a Hobie mast head float and a stern boarding ladder. All that plus the DVM when I bought it brings my investment up to $2000. See you Saturday, Greg
Kick the tires...

Hi Ray,

Have the seller rig it and step the mast. Pay close attention the condition of the standing and running rigging, especially the mast and boom. Have the seller raise the sails including the jib. Check the sails and the condition. Look at the hull and take a flashlight and shine around inside the cuddy.

Next, check the condition of the rudder/tiller and centerboard. Pull the centerboard up and down and take note of the condition of the gasket.

If the hull, mast, boom, centerboard and rudder are okay, you're probable okay to buy. These are big ticket items and a mast alone can be $600 from Catalina. The rest, like the lines, shrouds and forestay, can be replaced (recommended). Sails are important, but if you have buy a new set you should be set for years of sailing.

If it's in the water, ask to sail it.

Hope this helps.