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I have a newer Sunfish that I sail all the time and recently a relative asked me if I would sell his older sunfish for him. This is no ordinary Fish!! It is a 65 and has been hanging in his garage for 43!!! years. It is in pristine condition and has probably been used 5 times-it weighs 131 lbs and the hull looks new. It does not have a trailer-what should I ask for it? Thanks for your help.
In the immortal words of Indiana Jones, "It's not the years it's the mileage."
The bad news is that this boat is old style (old style rudder and probably has no storage compartment aft of the cockpit), but the good news is that it is in excellent condition with low hours. The hull is also light (read no water absorbtion) and the fact is that the quality of the fiberglass work in the mid-1960 was very good for the most part. I owned a new 1971 Sunfish and the glass work was better than some of the hulls being built now.

As long as the sail is in good shape and the buyer knows that he or she is getting an old style boat, I would ask about $850 (and be prepared to take $750 or thereabouts.) On E-bay it might even fetch a higher price. Set a "Buy it now" price at $1,000 and a $800 minimun bid and see where the auction goes. E-bay Sunfish buyers are not a very savvy group and I have seen Sunfish "junk" go for big bucks when the auction fever takes over in the last few minutes. With good photos, and an honest description, E-bay may be the best way to go.

Alan Glos
Cazenovia, NY
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