What scary things did you see on the water this Halloween weekend?

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We've all seem some scary stuff out on the water before, but this weekend was especially scary. Maybe because it was Halloween?
We were in the intracoastal waterway (south Florida) and a guy had his whole family on his boat and decided he didn't feel like waiting for the other boats around him (it was a busy weekend) so he cuts outside the channel, beer in hand and goes flying around the channel markers. Not just one but stayed outside the channel for as far as we could see! We know this area (and I"m assuming that he didn't!) and he's super lucky he didn't run aground! Just look at the Navionicsapp on your phone dude and you'll see that you've barely got enough water to keep from throwing your whole family off the front of the boat!
What crazy and scary things did you see out on the water this weekend?