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What Laser should I Buy?


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I have owned all types of sailboats my entire life and started sailing (solo on the great lakes) at 5. From my first nutshell pram to a Sunfish, Nacra 5.2, J24, J35, Hunter 49(pig). I have raced but don't plan to, although I am not ruling it out. I am convinced that a Laser is in my future. I will be sailing out of Channel Islands Harbor, in Oxnard, CA. From what I have read so far, a Laser Radial is the boat I should be looking for. 5' 10", 210 lbs. I am asking the experts their thoughts on the boat for me. I see that I can pick up a new boat for $4,995, and used boats between $3,900 - $8,000. Any opinions on where to start?

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Hamble Turtle

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Your definitely heavy enough for the full rig, and the full rig allows you to go out in lighter winds.
Most laser owners have both full and radial rigs, (just need a different sail and bottom mast section).
A used boat for $8000 ??? in the UK you can frequently get lasers with both rigs & trolleys from <$1000 - really nice ones from ~$2000.
(ok it's start of summer so price are going up)


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You’re a bit overweight (90+ kg) even for the Standard(7) rig, let alone for the Radial.
Also, 4995 USD sounds way too low for a new class legal boat.


beldar boathead

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For arounfd 4995 you can get a new Laser. Although counterintuitive , new Lasers are not race legal, although older ones are You’d need to buy a new ILCA to be legal

How windy is it in the Channel Islands? If it stays under 12 or 15 most of the time get a full rig. Radial racers are usually 160 or so max.