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What is this eye strap’s Function?


I have got some bungee coming how do you rig to the eye so it’s easy to lift a dagger board in and out.
Do you do a loop through the eye? I can’t find any pictures.

I was going to do a bungee with Brummel hooks around my mast but maybe I should just use this eye.
Also I see people have some kind of twisted yacht braid for a handle how, is that made?
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That eye is for a piece of 1/8th inch line, the other end of the line tied to the hole in the daggerboard handle to keep the daggerboard from floating away. A bungee will not interface well with that eyestrap, the bungee is better around the mast and even better run up to the bow handle, that gives it an easy angle that you don't have to work as hard against.


I use a bungee and go around the mast and to the tack of the sail and back.
For the twisted braid handle... I just braided a line and knotted off the end.