What is sailing - "sailing is victory"


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I just finished reading "The Living Great Lakes" by Jerry Dennis- a fantastic book. A major element is the author crewing aboard the delivery of a 100' schooner from Traverse City MI to Bar Harbor Maine. I found this part to be a simply beautiful description of what sailing is to me.

"Stan stood at the helm and told me that the oldest written mention of sailing was a fragment of ancient Arabic text that read, "Sailing is victory." In the wind, with the Malabar surging thru the sea beneath us, I understood. Victory over the wind, which can kill you. Victory over the sea, which can kill you a lot quicker. Over the boat, over the sails, over your own limitations. Sailing joins elemental forces in opposition, and lets you ride them. The illusion is created that you've harnessed the elements. You've thrown reins on a lion and leaped on its back. Of course the lion is ultimately untameable, and if you're careless it will turn around in a flash and eat you. Which is also the appeal.