What is a good camera for Sunfish/water filming?


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I don't want to especially spend $350+ on a GoPro high end, so keeping it under $200 would be nice as it won't get used really a lot. Sunfish sailing, the dog swimming....you get the idea. Ideally, included mounts would be nice too. I see some DB brands that are incredibly inexpensive...like $50 and yet get good reviews.
Not knowing about GoPro cameras, I see you can spend $129 or close to $400, depending on version.

I have a great Canon camera, but it is not waterproof and I use it for my YouTube videos. So...having another for my "waterfun" and a 2nd camera angle for my YouTube videos would be nice too. ( I can use my phone too, but it's more awkward and not nearly as good as my Canon.... I don't have an iPhone, just use a LG Android).


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btw...I'm pretty handy and can make mounts, have a tripod, etc. But any extra "stuff" with the camera would be nice... or filming tips too!
Although, if you mount it out on the boom (or anywhere out of reach), I'd probably spring for the remote control thing as well ($80).
Or get the GoPro app on your smart phone and take your phone sailing with you (in a dry bag or dry box) and use the app to control the camera.

My old GoPro doesn't work with the remote or apps - but I wish it had that functionality. I end up with 30-40 minute long videos that are a bit cumbersome to crop down into short videos worth uploading to Youtube or similar. Having the remote would allow you to capture shorter clips/highlights instead. Just something to consider.


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This DB ex50000 has wifi too. Plus a LCD for framing your shots. For $60 it seems inexpensive enough to gamble. I hear the cheaper gopros aren't wortb it and you need to gst their upper line
Kids toy section at Wal-Mart... $50 what looks like a mini go-pro including waterproof case (forgot the brand)

Nitroplanes.com has a Chinese knock-off of the go-pro including a good set of attachments. The case fits a Hero 3 but the buttons don't line up.


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Between sailing and hang gliding, I've produced about 175 videos. Pretty much with just 3 cameras. An Xacti CG10, GoPro Hero 1 and GoPro Hero 2.

When it comes to sailing, I've been surprised how much I'm able to shoot with the hand held, completely NOT waterproof Xacti. I just have it in a small camera pouch with a strap that's over my shoulder and pull it out when I want to shoot.

It's an older camera and doesn't have super high resolution but good enough. I like using it because I can do narrations while sailing. Here's a video I did using the Xacti during the entire trip.

When it's blowing harder and I know things are going to be wet, I use my Hero 2. The quality is much better, even when just using 720p. Here's a video where I use both the Xacti and the Hero 2. At 2 minutes, 35 seconds in the video, you can see me using my Xacti... which has a flip out screen. You can also see the camera pouch I put the Xacti in. I'm using the Xacti when you can clearly hear my voice and the video quality isn't as good and the Hero 2 when the audio is low and muffled but the video quality is very good.

That DBPower camera you mentioned looks interesting. But after reading the critical reviews, I'm not sure I myself would get one. With my hang gliding videos in particular, I really like to have not only very good quality footage but also reliability. Plus, I use the Hero 2 because it has an external microphone jack, which allows me to do narration while I'm flying.

But as you say, for $60 you've not got much to lose by giving that camera a try.


- Andy
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I use a Kodak PlaySport purchased off eBay for less than $50.--
I use either a suction cup mount to the forward deck or mount it to a broom stick extended aft from the boom.


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Well...I went ahead and ordered the DB Power EX5000. Got if for $52 with free shipping and a load of accessories and extra battery. Free shipping from Amazon. .... will report soon with some water vids!! 61YBB-scMAL._SL1000_.jpg


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First video came out fine for me. Extracting still from the video gets some good, detailed shots too. I realize this is a tad shaky, but was anxious to get out on the water with it.


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Down the line, I see the Yi cameras are good GoPro alternatives with 120fps at 720. The GoPros seem the leader in resolution and if you want to do slo-motion with frame rates as high as 240fps on some settings. I don't have a 4K monitor, so that's moot for now.
Confession is good for ?????
My Kodak Playsport recording both above and below water...

As always set to 720HD and go full screen for best viewing.


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looks pretty good. Maybe a tad grainy, but certainly good quality. I liked the under water stuff. A little bit of "cleavage" too! :-D
After clicking on play, click on the little gear and then select 720 HD.
As for the "cleavage" ....
Err, Uhh, you don't want to see the full length unedited NSFW footage.