What if race committee missed scoring my finish?

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I had this case yesterday. In one of the five races in Laser class, in the third race, the race committee missed my finish and my score was marked as DNF. It was a casual race without protest etc., but later I was contacted in email by one of the race committee whether I finished the race and if I did, which place I was. I did not remember exactly, but I told my guess for my position, such as I should be at least ahead of sail A etc. While this was a casual race and I do not mind it too much, I hope they can make appropriate correction.

But then, I have come up with this question. If this happens in a formal race, I protested asking redress, and other sailer(s) as witness could testify that I indeed finished but could not precisely tell where was my position, what would my score become? Is there a racing rule such as "in that case, the score should be average of the other races" etc?

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There are several choices. If the race committee can't reconstruct the actual finishing order, they can approximate your placing and give you the same points that someone else got in that race, and if they can't figure out where you finished in a big fleet (but are convinced that you did in fact finish), you might get average points. But usually even totally chaotic finishes (such as a large number of boats hitting the line at once) are eventually sorted out.

This is just off the top of my head; the rule is in the scoring appendix of the RRS.